Marketing Portfolio | Last Updated: Nov '20

If you've stumbled upon this page you're probably here to find out about my marketing experience!
Pull up a chair, take a seat and enjoy a cup of tea. A lot of tea gets drunk around here!

I've been a marketing professional for around 2 - 3 years in the escape room and leisure attractions industry, although like any good Gen Z-er, have been living and breathing social media since the fall of MySpace and Bebo. In particular, I specialise in the creative / community engagement side. Whether that be community management, copywriting, campaign management, graphic design or content creation (I've written and recorded jingles, made pumpkin carving stencils, illustrated and even been a professional photographer), I'll do it with excitement and gusto.

I've helpfully organised my experience and campaigns under the following headings for your perusal! Feel free click the links, or send me an email to chat.

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