Marketing Portfolio

If you've stumbled upon this page you're probably here to find out about my marketing experience!
Pull up a chair, take a seat and enjoy a cup of tea. A lot of tea gets drunk around here!


I've been a marketing professional for over 5 years in the escape room, immersive experiences, and leisure attractions industry, although like any good Gen Z-er, have been living and breathing social media forever. I specialise in:


  • Content Creation - Filming, Video Editing, Graphic Design, and generally creating attractive, compelling social media and newsletter content.

  • Copywriting - I've written descriptive and engaging copy for some of the UK's leading escape room companies, and translated countless immersive experiences into engaging English-language copy.

  • Managing & Growing Communities - Want to get your name out there? I've got a network of reliable bloggers, streamers, and content creators who would love to get involved!


I've grouped some of my favourite projects together in this... Kinda messy page which definitely needs an overhaul (haha).

Feel free click the links, or send me an email to chat.

Livestreams & Talks
Graphic Design