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Puzzle Hunt at TransWorld's Interactive Entertainment Show





Type of Game:

Puzzle Hunt

My Role:

Game Design, Graphic Design

TransWorld Interactive Entertainment Show (formerly Room Escape Show) is an annual convention for escape room vendors held in St. Louis, MO. In 2024, I was invited to lead the design on a puzzle hunt taking place there.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create an activity that centred around a series of puzzles that would:

  • Be simple to set up and brief each participating booth

  • Require participants to spend time at each participating booths

  • Require around 5 minutes per puzzle to solve

To meet this challenge, I designed an experience based on a "loyalty card" mechanic. Each participating booth was given a QR code to display. Players would pass the booths, scan the code, and solve the puzzle. To claim a sticker to add to their loyalty card, they'd tell the booth owner the correct solution.

The Puzzles

There were 9 puzzles in total, ranging from physical puzzles, to maths puzzles, to logic puzzles, to wordplay puzzles, to puzzles involving the tracing lines on the physical TransWorld map, and so on.

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