My name is Mairi, I'm 24 & I live in London, UK.


I'm an games designer ... But not video games (yet!). I design board games, murder mysteries, treasure hunts, escape rooms and play at home activities. I'm in the business of fun!


I also enjoy freelance copy writing, fiction writing, story illustration, curating scavenger hunts for friend's proposals, designing quirky cocktails for museum launch parties (yes really!), and most importantly trying to complete every escape room in the world


In my spare time you can catch me drinking way too much tea, Tweeting constantly, and hoarding houseplants like some kind of green thumbed gremlin.

(The thumbs up is so you know I'm smiling)

Whats with 'Spaceship'?​


Once upon a time I was the only kid in my class without a middle name. So I decided my new middle name was Spaceship, quote "because I liked spaceships". Since it ended up on all my school's official documentation, I'm calling it official.

I have worked with:

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...And you too? Get in touch!


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