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About Mairi

Mairi "Spaceship" Nolan is a UK based Game Designer specialising in puzzle design for escape rooms, immersive events, video games, tabletop games, and murder mysteries.

Additionally she is an advocate and ambassador for the UK escape room industry, as the Editor in Chief of Escape Industry News, and The Escape Roomer.

Mairi has been a guest on multiple podcasts and her work has been featured in a number of publications such as BBC News, New York Times,, Escape Buzz and The Guardian.

Why Spaceship?

Jealous of her peers for all having middle names, at the age of 7 Mairi declared she wanted a middle name and chose "Spaceship". To this day the middle name can be found on all official school and university documentation. The love for sci-fi persists.

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Industry Work

Escape Industry News​

Editor in Chief 2021 - present

The Escape Roomer

Editor in Chief 2019 - present

Cerebral Puzzle Showcase

Lead Organiser 2024 - present
Thinky Third Thursday
Contributor 2024 - present

Draknek & Friends

Studio Manager 2024 - present

Escape Room Championships

UK Ambassador 2023 - present


Copywriter 2020 - present


Copywriter 2020 - 2024


Volunteer 2023 - 2024​


Marketing & PR 2022

Escape Hunt

Marketing & PR 2018

Cubic Escape

Copywriter 2018

Game Design Work

Tales from Hazelwood Post

Game Director 2023 - present


Game Designer 2023 - present

Mysterious Package Company

Lead Game Designer 2023 - 2024

Curious Correspondence

Lead Game Designer 2021 - 2023

AR Trails

Lead Game Designer 2023

Wizards of the Coast (D&D+MTG)

Senior Game Designer 2022

Professor Puzzle

Game Designer 2022 - 2023

Eleven Puzzles

Lead Game Designer 2022 - 2023


Game Designer 2021 - 2022

Escape Hunt

Game Designer 2018 - 2021

Access Escape

Lead Game Designer 2019

Locked City

Game Designer 2017-2019

A Murder of Crows

Game Director 2017-2020

Freelance, Misc Projects

Game Designer 2015-2017

Other Bragging Rights

  • I've played ~400 escape rooms

  • My team placed 33rd in the world in the Escape Room Champsionship 2022

  • Women in Games Ambassador from 2019-21

  • If you added all the Kickstarter games I've worked on together they've raised around $2m.

  • Shane from Buzzfeed Unsolved / Watcher said he liked one of my games, once.

  • There is literally no limit to the amount of tea I can consume in one day.​

  • I can keep most of my houseplants alive for at least 3 months.


Want to talk puzzles? Send memes, morse code, and cryptic ARG springboards to 👉

mairinolan (at)

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

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