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Wait, why am I recommending other people to do the same stuff I do? Well, no two designers are the same. Puzzle design is hyper specialised, and if you didn't find what you need here, I  can personally attest that these people and places are awesome

Show me some other game designers...

I'm looking for another puzzle designer based in...

The UK? Well, Jamie Gibbs is your guy. Actually I meant Canada. Sure, Errol Elumir is fantastic. How about the USA? Check out Laura E. Hall or  Matthew Stein. Actually, just tabletop games. Sure, Look no further than Shannon McDowell. Did I say tabletop? I meant physical escape rooms. Ahh, gotcha, well then you must mean Nick Moran, he is one of the very best. How about something more digital? You mean ARGs? Michael Andersen is your guy.

Actually, I want marketing services for my game

I need help marketing my video game... Sounds like you're looking for Neonhive!

Got anything for my escape room? Sure, Lily and Violet who make up Nerd Pirates are killing it.

I want something a little more 'outside the box' in the games industry... Sure, YRS TRULY are a lovely bunch with some big hitting campaigns.

(The best part? All three of these are female-owned)

No, no, I came to this page looking for other recommendations

Oh snap, well I write about my favourite escape rooms over on The Escape Roomer. My favourite books are here on Goodreads, and if I remember to,  I mark my favourite films with a heart on Letterboxd. My favourite video game is probably "Do Not Feed the Monkeys". It's great. Oh, and my favourite animal is an octopus, genre is sci-fi, pizza topping is "as many olives as you can put on before you question my sanity". I like my coffee black, and my favourite tea is sencha.

So, you want to be a Puzzle Designer?

Heck yes you do!

And why wouldn't you?

It's so much fun!

Check out my guide to all things puzzle design here.

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